You can find a list of all our partnered bands that will be preforming at BeX this month click here!

FRI: 06/02 Pop Vision (Classic Rock, & Dance Music)
SAT:06/03 L’ insanity (Classic Rock, Dance Music)

FRI 06/09 Seventh Switch (Classic Rock, Dance Music, Latin Dance)
SAT 06/10: Dance Band (Classic Rock, Latin Dance, Dance)

Tue 06/13: Incognito Trio
Fri 06/16: Casual Encounter: Live Band Karaoke
Sat 06/17: Seventh Switch (Classic Rock, Latin Dance, Dance)

Tue 06/20: L'Insanity
Fri 06/23: Cervantes (Classic Rock, Latin Dance, Dance)
Sat 06/24: Overdrive (Classic Rock, Dance Music)

Tue 06/27: Daphne & Company
Fri 06/30: Jukebox Blender (Classic Rock, Dance Music)